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i'm brian shactman. this is "way too early." for those of you who don't know today is my first day officially filling willie's -- what are they 12, 13? big job to do. you don't know me that well or want to see the other skeletons in my tv closet i have a little more get to know me later in the sure. i'm not sure of everything they have. we do have a little bit of news to talk about this morning including some big changes on the way to the tv landscape. i'm not just talking about me being here. one well-known face stepping out of the spotlight while another is taking on a brand-new challenge and reveal the plans for barbara walters and seth meyers. in sports, sergio garcia, if you didn't see this, well, he doesn't like tiger woods very much. had a chance to take him down until he decided to look like me on the 17th at tpc sawgrass. highlights and lowlights later in sports. serious stuff, our top story, eight month s after the
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attack in benghazi, the issue perhaps more highly charged than ever. republicans are calling to a special select committee to investigate how the administration handled the deadly raid. another gop lawmaker sugg t suggesting more whistle-blowers are likely to come forward. while the leaders of an independent review board will be asked to formally answer questions about their inquiry, critics say it came up short. this new push stems from revelations that the cia's original talking points used by ambassador susan rice in the days after the attack had undergone significant edits by senior administration officials. >> for the president's spokesman to say well there were only words or technical changes made in the e-mail is a flat-out untruth when we know any reference to act of terror or al qaeda were removed from those talking points and it was done at a deputy's meeting just before susan rice went --
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>> would you call this a cover-up? >> i'd call it a cover-up. i would call it a cover-up in the extent that there was wi willful removal of information which was obvious. >> he said untruths by the way. he did not use the word lie. former defense secretary robert gates defending the administration's handling of the attacks in libya. >> based on everything i've read people really didn't know what was going on in benghazi contemporaneously, and to send some small number of special forces or other troops in without knowing what the environment was or threat was without having any intelligence in terms of what was going on on the ground i think would have been very dangerous and personally i would not have approved that because we just don't -- it's sort of a cartoonish impression of military capabilities and military forces. the one thing our forces are noted for is planning and preparation before we send
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people in harm's way. and there just wasn't time to do that. >> meanwhile, a number of leading democrats on sunday suggesting the republican push to investigate benghazi is political and an attempt to discredit hillary clinton ahead of a potential run for president in 2016. meanwhile, turkish leaders say now is the time for international action against syrian president bashar al assad. the call follows a serious of car bombings that killed 46 people over the weekend in a turkish border town. the country's foreign minister is pointing the tinge at groups linked to syrian intelligence for the attack. turkey is directly feeling the impact as you might imagine of syria's civil war with more than 300,000 refugees crossing the border between the two countries. the irs is under fire accused of targeting conservative nonprofit groups for additional scrutiny for years. the independent agency already has apologized but there are a lot of questions yet to be answered this morning.
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low-level employees at the cincinnati field office started looking into groups with either patriot and tea party in the title. about 300 in all and it dates back to 2010. some of the groups were targeted because they were critical of how the country was being run and other groups that were investigated were involved in educating americans on the constitution and the bill of rights. a draft for the inspector general's report obtained by the associated press shows senior officials including the head of the tax-exempt division were aware of the practice as early as 2011. "the new york times" reported the audit shows that she tried actually to shift the focus from just the conservative groups to all political advocacy groups. the criticism has been universal including comments from democrats and the aclu. they called for a governmentwide possible and apology from the president himself. >> this is truly outrageous and it contributes to the profound
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distrust that the american people have in government. it is absolutely chilling that the irs was singling out conservative groups for extra review, and i think that it's very disappointing that the president hasn't personally condemned this and spoken out. >> before the ig's report comes to the public or to congress as required by law, it's leaked by the irs to try to spin the output. this mea culpa is not an honest one. >> the results of the full investigation are expected to be released later this week. now to the latest in the case of the ariel castro. of course, the man accused of abducting three young women and keeping them locked in his home for years in cleveland, ohio. while castro awaits trial his brothers are speaking out distancing themselves from him. initially you recall they were arrested along with him. the brothers were, though,
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cleared of all charges and said in an interview had they known what he's accused of doing, they would have done the right thing. >> i couldn't never think of doing anything like that. if i knew that my brother was doing this, i would not be -- i would not nash in a minute i will call the cops because that ain't right, but, yeah, he's going to hunt me down because people are going to think pedro got something to do with this. >> also yesterday an attorney for the three young women held captive said they were recovering and doing well. he asked for privacy saying they would not say anything else until the criminal trial is over and, of course, we have no idea when that will be. police are searching for three suspects today after gunmen opened fire on a mother's day parade in new orleans injuring 19 people. the shooting occurred during the second line parade which not very uncommon in the city.
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during the parade basically a brass bandlaecond line of people follow behind. according to police, there were no fatalities and most of the wounds are not life-threatening, although two 10-year-old children were grazed by bullets in good condition this morning. the police have not made any arrests and the fbi describes i as a flare-up of street violence. the three suspects were seen running from the scene with one being described as a male between the ages of 18 and 22 years old. now to business where wall street will be paying a lot of attention to data from the commerce department. last month sales dropped to its lowest levels since the fall of 2009. let's check in with steve sedgwick live from london. i guess if they're weak again does this mean the payroll tax hike is something we need to pay more attention to, huh? >> yeah, absolutely. i think bearing in mind and as i'm sure our viewers know full well, the u.s. economy is centered 70% around the consumer so the consumer is absolutely key so the retail sales for
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april plus later week sales from jcpenney, macy's, walmart, kohl's, nordstrom all reporting late in the week and will get a gauges of the u.s. consumer plus house data and sentiment date that from the segment later in the week so the consumer is front and foremost this week. >> we haven't had a lot of companies coming public. it sometimes like we have a little momentum but this week especially, a fair amount of ipos? >> yeah, a fair amount of ipos so far this year. we've had 64 companies coming to market and they have raised a combined 17 billion u.s. dollars. now, that's exciting in itself. way more than we've seen throughout this financial crisis. what is very interesting, as well. from these ipoos, the 25 largest of those 64 have returned much more than the broader market, 22% from those 25 biggest ipos compared with the s&p put on a 14.5%, 15%.
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it's alive and well, concern if we see renewed volatility it could dent enthusiasm. >> the dow ainge s&p pushing new highs. steve, have a great day. steve sedgwick live for us in london. entertainment world. barbara walters will officially announce her retirement plans today. of course, "the view," the 83-year-old has been in the industry for more than 50 years and back in 1976 she became the first to host an evening newscast. a lot of time for good-byes. she is not walking away until the summer of 2014 and will do the tour, you can bet on that. seth meyers tabbed to take jimmy fallon's seat. he will become the host early next year as, of course, fallon moves to "the tonight show." "late night" will continue to be taped in new york in the building that i am right now. to the movies where did "the
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great gatsby" about much better than people expected. $50 million over the weekend. >> it's perfect. from your perfect irresistible imagination. >> sorry. i thought she was talking about me. the movie got mixed reviews. analyst expected it to take in a little more than 30 million but fans came out in droves to see leo. he took on the lead role in the adaptation of the literary classic but despite those numbers it did not take the number one spot. "iron man 3" gets that honor. robert downey jr.'s superhero flick took in $72 million. $285 million worldwide. really sad to say i have not seen any of those movies. i heard the first one is really good. still ahead on "way too early," tiger, notches another win but not without drama. what might be the most famous hole in all of golf. we'll show you sergio garcia's absolute kind of tough to watch
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meltdown and the producers here -- listen, we saw "the price is right." i'm told i'm not even going to look behind me. a little more tv hazing a little later. i'm told also some questions bourbon and ambien. i don't know if that's a combination for a joke. that and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. ♪
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time for sports. by the way, it was a tough one. mother's day -- >> welcome to the dysfunctional family, by the way. >> i'm fully aware -- >> you signed in blood, too, right? >> i can't get out. to choice. thanks, bill. you know, mother's day but you want to watch a little tiger. i don't know if you could peel away. >> i followed it on the phone secretly and later i watched it and i regret watching because sergio makes me angry.
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>> are you a sergio fan? >> i don't know. >> tiger hater. tiger woods and sergio garcia, the players championship. you got to take a look at this. tiger woods cruising along until the tee shot on the 14th. yanks it, double bogey which is, again, untiger-like. set it up for an easy birdie. listen, stayed dry the final holes and tapped in for par at the 18th. sergio on the 17th tied for the lead. >> such a defeatist. has that attitude. >> then he had another shot at it. >> but he was going for it on this one. he knew he had to get, you know -- >> a hole in one. it was like "tin cup." it was painful to watch. he quadrupled bogeyed and wet on the next hole and tiger, 78th pga tour win, second players championship, fourth win of the year. >> it was a year ago when sergio said he'll never win a major. he's not talented enough. you knew he was going to choke.
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defeatist attitude, bottom line. >> twitter and -- >> barnacle had a good take on it too. spurs/warriors, very interesting series. in the fourth, 30 seconds left. tied it at 84 so going to overtime and this is testify curry. bad ankle and all gets by duncan there. and one. 9-0 run, with less than two minutes to play. golden state wins it 97-87. along with harrison barnes, great rookie. >> i never thought testify curry would be the type of pro he is. >> as long as he stays healthy. i guess i have to do a little forecast. >> a nice very quiet week. new york city and windows open in many places. it's a beautiful start to the morning in a lot of areas although it was a chilly mother's day. areas like chicago, 39 degrees so as far as what we'll deal with forecastwise, cold in the east. we're very warm in the west,
2:47 am
could have record highs areas like salt lake city. this is by wednesday. all that warm airflows across the country. so although you need the jacket this morning in some areas like d.c. we'll warm it up in a hurry, 62 and dry today in d.c. but could have thunderstorms and 80s by the end of the week and another example. same for you in atlanta down in the southeast, beautiful, crisp cool weather but then storms by the end of the week. you know, that little cold blast we had, this is it. >> all right. good stride. you got over there fast. coming up at the top of the hour, "morning joe," the sunday talk shows full of developments on the benghazi investigation. joe and i will highlight what needs to be on your radar. when we come back, the boys, behind the glass, more of a peek into my tv past. >> and one of you is exactly right. a $100 bonus for the contestant would bid $700. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear!
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♪ katie and matt, brian and keisha ♪ ♪ first on your tv >> we welcome espn hockey analyst brian shactman to espn news. >> welcome to espn news. i am brian shactman. >> here you go. i'll give you a fresh one. sorry, ma'am. did i hit you?
2:51 am
>> let's get it going, pal. >> we're with bobbi who is going to do his run, his last mile in just a few minutes. how excited are you to run today. he was just talking all the time a minute ago. >> think about it, a box of cereal, a bowl, a spoon, you need milk. you got to sit down and empty all the containers and eat it and do all the dishes. >> ready? ready for the interview right now? >> if you like. >> here we go. ♪ >> ooh, my gosh. i'm shaq. >> i'm shaq. >> i'm shaq. >> no, i'm shaq. >> dunked on. >> i'm older than him so technically i feel like i have more rights -- >> well, you're better looking too, sorry, shaq.
2:52 am
>> brian, i want to give our viewers a chance to know you better. we got a little rapid-fire espn-style and let's just begin. >> okay. >> in and out -- >> i don't know any of these question. >> in-n-out or shake shake. >> n-n-out. >> rolling stones or led zeppelin. >> stones. >> jay-z or kanye? >> neither. >> boxers or briefs. >> boxer briefs. >> blond or brunette. >> wife is a lovely brunette. >> i'm sweating. >> one last one, "godfather" or idea good fellas." >> i would say "good fellas." do i amuse you? am i a clown?
2:53 am
>> very good. a couple clips of your appearance on "the price is right." rocking at amherst, champion gray sweatshirt. the moment with you in the one and only bob barker. >> rod, who is our next contestant. >> bob, its brian shactman. come on down. you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> 850. >> 850, brian. >> $700. >> $700. >> one of you is exactly right. extra $100 to the contestant who bid $700. now show him more prizes, if you please. >> a lovely kitchen and a new refrigerator freezer. >> $400. >> higher. >> 5$500. >> $600. >> lower. 840. >> higher. >> 845.
2:54 am
>> higher. >> 847. >> higher. >> 848. >> you got it and congratulations. >> i just want to point out -- >> you were pumped up. >> like a 00-pounder there. i had a little bit of college bloat there but, listen, i wanted a car. i got a refrigerator, a cabinet an two recliners. i mean and that 100 bucks, by the way, they took it and taxed it. i -- >> you need craig's list. >> quarters went all over the stage. barker is like, get out of here, you're not even a female >> that's just priceless. i can't believe you gave that clip to the guys. >> we have some special people calling in. >> hey, brian, we got a few special guests. guys, want to say something? >> hi, daddy. good luck on your show. >> how sweet. >> hi. >> that is sweet. >> they're on the phone right now? >> yes, they are. >> max, bennett and little
2:55 am
annie, thanks, guys. >> say good luck. >> thank you, guys. >> if you don't get off the phone now my good luck will turn into bad fortune. >> i'm happy for you. >> thanks, hon. >> love you. thanks. >> all right. you go. you want to read this. >> i'll read it. still ahead on iowaway, special guest that may know a thing or two about being upwayway. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey.
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♪ did i screw up already? >> yeah, they've asked you -- it's just not working out. >> i'm sorry. >> it's not a good fit as we say in the business. so, thanks, though, it was a good run. brian shactman, ladies and gentlemen. >> i didn't even get an nba ten-day contract. >> how cute are your kids. >> i wasn't sure those were my kids at the start. >> we brought in actors. did you say good-bye to them because it's kind of over. you'll be a zombie walking through life. i did bring a few things. >> essentials to success. >> red bull, obviously you'll need that.
2:59 am
i like to mix it up with a little maker's. >> minice. >> an alarm clock. for legal reasons we had to go with this but i like the harder stuff just to keep you awake. >> go buy it. is it true did you ever sleep through? >> i never slept through. i think i've -- i rolled in maybe 30 seconds before the show once but i never slept in. alarms, backup alarms. have john call you to make sure you're awake. >> triple backup. >> i said this to jill a couple weeks ago. there's a maker's mark -- >> when you establish you like bourbon, any occasion that comes up somebody sends you a bottle. i have vats of kentucky brown water in my office if you need any -- >> his door is unlocked in his office. >> it's unlocked. congrats, buddy. >> i appreciate it. >> i'm not trying to fill those shoes. >> they're large. >> trying to -- 13.
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>> 13. >> shut up! >> what! >> he's got big feet. i'm a 10. he's a 13. >> i got to go do this thing. >> don't get thing. >> settle down! >> "morning joe" begins -- thank you. right now. ♪ for the present spokesman to say that, well, there was only words or technical changes made in those e-mails is a flat out untruth. any reference to al qaeda was removed from those talking points and it was done at a deputy's meeting just before susan rice went on television. >> -- a cover-up? >> i would call it a cover-up. i would call it a cover-up in the extent there was willful,

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